Dogs and cats at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter will not have an adoption fee from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, as part of the national "Home for the Pawlidayz" campaign.

Breanna Maxfield and Lucy Leblond are ready to welcome a new furry friend into their homes.

"We just wanted to see really cute animals, and all of them are cute,” said Leblond.

Both girls currently have pets, but said they have space in their hearts, and hopefully their families’ homes, for more.

"I think I need another cat cause she's pretty old, she's like 15," said Leblond.

The “Home for the Pawlidayz" campaign involves teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society to sponsor adoptions. That means no adoption fees at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

Misty Valenta with the shelter said that includes puppies and kittens, who usually always have a fee.

"It's a rare event, we hardly extend free adoptions to everyone adoptable, but we are,” said Valenta.

They need the help. Valenta said they're currently caring for 174 cats, but only have 93 cat kennels. They have 110 dogs and only 86 dog kennels, if the weather is nice.

"When the weather gets colder we actually lose kennel space here because we do have outdoor kennels," said Valenta.

If you can't commit to adopting right now, the shelter also has a "Home for the Holidays" foster care program.

"So this isn’t a permanent member of your family, but you're bringing them in and sharing the celebrations with them," said Valenta.

She added about half of the foster families, or a family member visiting for the holidays, decide to keep the dog or cat for good. So if you want to share your holiday with one of these furry friends, you should probably hurry, because Breanna and Lucy might not leave any behind.

"Well we want to adopt all of them, probably, that's what I would probably do,” said Leblond and Maxfield.

If you know you want to adopt a cat or kitten, Valenta suggests bringing a cat carrier. You can also bring your dog to the shelter to meet a potential new friend.

"You can also bring your resident dog up to the shelter to meet your potential adopter, that way everyone in the family, even the dog, gets a say who comes home for the holidays," said Valenta.

You can fill out adoption forms online before you go in to the shelter. GO HERE for the forms.

The shelter will be closed for Thanksgiving, but will open up Friday, ready for adoptions.