As Austin and our nation continues to see issues breaking apart certain groups, an Austin organization brought together multiple religions for a service recently.

The Interfaith Action of Central Texas put together the organization's 32nd annual Thanksgiving Service and Celebration. While it took place at St. James Missionary Baptist Church, there were multiple other religions involved including Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and many others.

Many different leaders took the stage to provide messages, sing songs and present performances. This service showed off the many different religions of Austin while the leaders brought up what their groups were thankful for.

Maggie Wagner, the communications coordinator for Interfaith Action of Central Texas, said Sunday's gathering has always been one of her favorite events to be a part of.

"This is all about bringing everybody together," Wagner said. "What we want to do is make everybody from any faith tradition or no faith tradition feel as though they have a place where they can come together and join in that common goal and humanity in doing good for the community."

Stephanie Dodoo brought her family to Sunday's service in hopes that they could experience something they could cherish as time passes.

"I decided to come this afternoon with my newborn, my husband and my mom," Dodoo said. "We wanted to come be a part of this interfaith celebration. I wanted my little one to one day here about what's going on today."

Joey Thomas also brought his family and said while he's glad this celebration continues to take place in Austin, having it right now is critical.

"There is a lot of disagreement out there right now," Thomas said. "We all can see it happening. I think we are better off finding ways that we are the same than we are to focus on our differences."

If you want to learn more about Interfaith Action of Central Texas, visit their website here.