Down Sandy Koufax Lane, the cars drive a little slower during the holidays; the kids stop and stare at one house in particular.

For four years, 16-year-old Cole Gedwillo has been designing Christmas light shows in his front yard.

"This year I have about 50,000 lights,” Gedwillo said.

The fades and lights are timed to the music with his computer program.

And his parents – pay the electric bill.

"It really isn't that bad,” said Linda Gedwillo, Cole’s mother. “It doesn't go up that much when he puts up all the lights."

But this year, the display does more.

Cole is asking for donations to Helping Hands Bassett Rescue. The rescue was founded by Francye Hutchins. She has known Cole for years.

"To see him grow up and come to that point where he's willing to give for his love of Bassett Hounds or just animals in general and not want anything in return, that gives you faith in the upcoming generation,” said Hutchins.

Cole said with the amount of people that have already stopped by, he could raise money for the rescue and “help them get supplies and help the dogs find the homes they need.”

Two dogs are available for rescue through the organization. Go here for more information.

So if you drive down Sandy Koufax Lane and are mesmerized, the Gedwillo's ask you to consider their son's cause and enjoy the show.

"People's reactions to it is my favorite thing about doing all of it,” said Cole.