Decorating a tree on Loop 360 has become a tradition for years now.

But some criticize the tradition saying the decorations fall off and become litter.

Lizzy Cotar decorates her tree with natural products because she wants to stop the litter.

"I was born here in Austin,” she said. “Every year after Christmas, I've noticed all the pollution that comes with the trees from people decorating. And instead of complaining with everybody else, I wanted to make a difference and show that you can decorate with nature.”

She adorned her tree with a giant dreamcatcher – made of hay – along with hemp string and cotton balls. She also added seeds to attract birds. All biodegradable items.

She said if you want to decorate with all-natural products, you can use cactus, prickly pear, red berries, hay, cotton balls and hemp string.

Cotar is spreading her message with “Don't Mess With Texas" signs. You may spot them driving along the highway.

"I really hope I bring more awareness to everybody to decorating and the scenic routes of Austin,” said Cotar.

She attaches the signs using zip-ties and encourages everyone to secure their decorations to keep the roads and grass clean.

"Austin's my home,” she said. “I just really want to keep it beautiful and keep it weird as they say.”

Cotar said if have decorated your tree eco-friendly, share a picture of it using the hashtag #Saving360.