One dad proved that he has what it takes to be the very best -- like no one ever was -- at parenting.

Dylan Olivo, 18, recently graduated from high school and was surprised when his dad showed up to his graduation wearing a present he had given his father in first grade.

"Getting the tie I was like - where am I going to wear that?" joked Robert Olivo, Dylan's father.

Year after year, Robert, held onto a drawn-on Pikachu tie Dylan had made when he was in first grade.

"I love Pokemon personally, so I was like 'why not draw some Pokemon'," Dylan recounted.

While he held onto it, he never put it on.

"Me and my wife would joke about it - and told her, I'm going to wear it when he graduates. That will be the best time," said Robert.

With Dylan set to graduate near the top of his class at Del Valle High, Robert knew it was the right time to put that gift to use.

On graduation day, Robert put that Pikachu tie on for the first time.

"We were all excited. I think I might have mentioned that I was going to wear it, but I don't know if he believed me. So I know he was excited once he saw me, once we saw him after he walked out of the graduation ceremony," Robert said.

"I could see the Pikachu from far away," Dylan said.

What began as a small gift from a son to a father, turned into a nice family moment years later. While it took more than a decade to come together, it took only a couple hours or the world to catch wind.

"I was getting a couple of retweets while I was at my dinner after graduation - and I was like, okay they're coming, I don't know how big this is going to get," said Dylan.

In four days, the tweet garnered 122,000 "retweets" and 432,000 "likes."

"Whenever I had people from out of the state contacting me asking me if they could use it for their news shows, I was like 'dang - this is really big.' I thought it was just an Austin thing," said Dylan, who said he added nearly 1,000 followers after his post.

So what makes a post go viral? Even to someone who's just experienced the hysteria, it's not easy to answer.

"Sometimes I'll be retweeting the viral tweets that go, and I didn't expect that I'd be tweeting one of my tweets and it would go viral," said Dylan.

While the numbers are astounding, the messages of support carried the most weight.

"I've heard that that people wanted to do something like that with their kids now - so that when they graduate high school, they'll have a little something to bring out," said Dylan.

On a personal level, it allowed him to reflect on the special relationship he shares with his father.

"It just has me appreciate what I have with my dad. Like he said, not everybody has it, so I’m really appreciative to have a bond like this.”

At Del Valle High, Olivo graduated Cum Laude and was top 10 in his class. He's now set to attend the University of Texas, where he plans to major in pre-pharmacy.

As for the future of the now-famous tie, Dylan is already planning its next appearance.

"This could be something we could be wearing in the future at my college graduation at UT," Dylan joked.

Courtesy of Dylan ๐ŸŽ‏ @themindofd's Twitter.