While many of you may have dressed up for Halloween, for some parents at St. David's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Halloween meant a whole lot more than just getting dressed up.

On the second floor, inside clear incubators, are sleeping premature babies.

Many dressed up for the Halloween costume contest.

One is an astronaut with an American flag on his white flight suit inside a decorated incubator, made to look like a rocket.

There were sibling nurses with their own stethoscopes and otoscopes: the latter is that thing doctors use to look in your ear.

And then there were the scarecrow twins, who scared no one unless cuteness is frightening.

Needless to say, this costume competition was "wicked."

As adorable as all the preemies are at St. David's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, alarms constantly went off.

They're reminders that these babies need round the clock care because they can't do a lot of things on their own because they were born way too early.

Bridget Wolfedowning gave birth to her third child three months premature.

"She was born at 31 weeks," Wolfedowning said.

Wolfedowning visits her daughter, Johnnie every day, twice a day. She is her mother's little fighter.

"She just makes us proud every day," the mother of three said.

For the record, Johnnie is dressed as a good witch.

Some of the preemies are so fragile that protective gowns have to be worn even before anyone steps into the room.

Like for Ace who's due date is the end of January. When he was born nearly a month ago, he didn't even weigh a pound.

Now, he is one pound and four ounces, and literally a little pumpkin, all dressed in a pumpkin outfit.

"She found that outfit. She said game over," said Chad Williams, Ace's father.

Chad and Kelly Williams will spend the next few holidays here in NICU, which only makes them appreciate this Halloween costume contest that much more.

"It's something to look forward to and we get to do something out of the realm of the norm," said Chad Williams.

Kelly has also picked out another outfit for Ace: a Superman onesie, complete with a cape when her son finally gets to go home.

All the preemies who entered the Halloween costume contest won a title of some sort.