CULTUREMAP- It’s rare to find a friend who will stick with you through the years, and even more rare to find one who will move across the country to open a business with you. But that’s exactly the type of friendship Moni Burgin and Rachel Horesovsky have kindled, now that they’ve partnered to open Austin’s first vegan milkshake truck.

They’ve known each other since childhood in North Carolina. As they grew up, they remained close. After Burgin followed Horesovsky to Washington, D.C. for college, Horesovsky got a job at a chocolatier where Burgin worked. Recently, the pair jumped at the chance to move to Austin, sparked by Burgin's crazy idea. Or maybe not so crazy, because it turns out that Austin was practically begging for vegan shakes.

When the vegetarian pair finally decided on making milkshakes instead of hocking kolache or hot chocolate or any of the other ideas they considered, they were planning to make regular shakes, plain and simple. But the local plant-based community proposed a question: If they were going to do milkshakes, wouldn’t dairy-free shakes be just as easy? After all, Austin is famous for its thriving vegan scene.

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