Some musicians at the Austin City Limits Music Festival are going above and beyond to make sure everyone rocks out to their show, even if they're hard of hearing.

Friday, the Revivalists, who played on the Honda stage, had rotating American Sign Language interpreters on stage, jamming out just as hard as the band.

ASL interpreter on stage during the Revivalists set Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.

After each song, an interpreter would step down, and another energetic person would take his or her place without skipping a beat.

It was mesmerizing.


Fast forward to day 2 at ACL Fest, and Rapper A$AP Ferg, who performed his set on the American Express Stage, had interpreters signing his song too. Again, the interpreters moved simultaneously with A$AP and provided the same level of grit as the Harlem rapper.

ASL Interpreter on stage with New York Rapper A$AP Ferg Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017.

When Chance The Rapper performs at ACL Fest Saturday night, he's also expected to have an ASL interpreter jamming out to his set.

Founder of ASL hip-hop interpreting group DEAFinitely Dope Matthew Maxey told KVUE in June he hopes to spread awareness about ASL through opportunities like big music festivals.

“I guess we are trying to change the world in a way!” Maxey said.

Recently, ASL interpreters have been stealing the show at live music festivals.

In May, Holly Maniatty went viral for videos of her signing to rap artists like Wu Tang Clan and Snoop Dog. She said it takes a lot of time and preparation to prepare for music festivals, which she's been doing for 10 years, according to USA Today.

Maniatty told USA Today she's typically hired by the event's disability department.