Whether you're a shaker, bobber or just a watcher, Austin City Limits is a music lover's haven.

"If you want a DJ, if you want to dance or if you want to relax, but I was dancing the majority of the time, it was awesome,” first-time visitor Tatiana Meira said.

This year, artists such as Radiohead, The Naked and Famous and Kygo gave fans something to cheer about, the festival had something for anyone’s musical taste.

"Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazor, Bombo Estero!” Meira said.

For many, the lineup didn’t disappoint.

"Okay, for me it was Banks and Steels, it's Reza from Wu-Tang Clan and Paul Banks from Interpol,” visitor Clay McClure said.

Willie Nelson headlined the last day of the festival, treating audiences to a classic performance, even surprise introduction from Matthew McConaughey.

"You see his guitar is like worn down, it’s just splintering and he's just playing on it. I don't know, I think that's what Austin is all about,” McClure said.

Concert-goers said outside of music, being able to spend time with those you care about makes the experiences far more enjoyable.

"Like we did bring our daughter Friday night, she's 8 and she had a lot of fun,” visitor Penny Adams said. "Yeah, the Austin Kiddie Limits set up this year was pretty cool.”