The 15th annual Austin City Limits Music Festival is back in town, and the absence of Uber and Lyft is not having much impact on attendees.

After Uber and Lyft pulled out of Austin in May, ride-hailing companies like Fare, Fasten and Ride Austin are cashing in. Ride Austin driver Harper Wofford picked up around 60 people Friday evening, and is expecting even more as the night goes on.

“They fill the vacuum perfectly. It’s like ‘Uber who?’” said Wofford.

Dora Tighe said it doesn’t matter what ride-hailing company is in town because ACL is a ritual for her. She said without the ride-hailing companies she doesn’t think she would be able to attend ACL.

"We need these here. I'm hoping they'll stay. Maybe Uber/Lyft will see this and come back,” Tighe said.

Ride-hailing companies are expecting very large crowds through the festival. GO HERE for transportation options to and from ACL.

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