In the heart of the Austin City Limits festival, there's an area that will take your money for nothing in return.

That's because all the money gathered, is going directly to charities and non-profits.

Colleen Clemens is the Marketing Director for one of the groups, the Austin Disaster Relief Network.

"We're honored to have the opportunity to come out and help tell people what we're doing and to give them the option to help others," she said.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network or ADRN is currently raising funds to help with Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston and the Texas Coastal regions.

"This has been a different disaster than most," Clemens said. "It was so's across county lines, it's across cities all along the coast and I think for people now, we just need to keep raising that awareness."

The money donated to ADRN goes to Texans in need of relief and aid in the wake of Harvey, a group that Clemens said is still unfortunately large.

"People need to understand that for many, they're still seeing a muck out wall," she said. "They're still in the phase of seeing things needing to be rebuilt."

For more on the ADRN, you can check their website by clicking here.