The fourth annual Bollywood Day event took place in Austin, a time to spotlight Indian culture in Central Texas.

The festival took place at the Asian American Resource Center.

The tradition that started four years ago by one group who aimed to create the biggest Bollywood dance has now transformed into a city proclaimed event.

"Doing it on a state level, a national level, that's what really makes people understand what a culture is," vendor Nazia Abdul Khader said.

She owns a large collection of authentic Indian clothing, she says the event allows more exposure for entrepreneurs like herself.

The bright, jewel tones of orange and reds, attract customers like Danielle Collavo.

She saw Bollywood Day posted on social media, knowing this event was her chance to step into the world she adored.

"I was really excited just wanted to check it out," she said. "I think every person from every walk of life should be exposed to different cultures, it helps you grow as a person.'

Visitors say it's not just colorful garments that draws crowds. Sparkling accessories, food, contests, and henna tattoos you just can't do yourself are some of the staples for visitors.

Organizers want Austin's Bollywood Day to be an example for other cities, to inspire and show diversity.

"Be like, 'Hey look at this, people are dancing to this Bollywood song and they don't know anything about this culture but they are experiencing it this way, why are we not doing this?'" Festival Organizer Praksh Mohandas said.

Staff said the bar continues to be placed higher and they hope to offer an even bigger platform next year to welcome more Austinites.