Two years after a New York Police Department detective was killed in the line of duty in December 2014, the widow of the slain detective has given birth to their child.

Sanny Liu, the widow of Detective Wenjian Liu, gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Angelina at a Manhattan hospital Tuesday, according to a Facebook post from the NYPD. Liu used in-vitro fertilization with sperm that was preserved after her husband's death.

NYPD posted the happy news along with a photo of Liu and her newborn baby Wednesday.

"Detective Liu and Sanny had always planned on having children, but their plans were tragically disrupted on December 20, 2014, when Detective Liu was killed in the line of duty," NYPD said in the Facebook post.

Liu said she never doubted that she would be having a daughter, according to the post.

"The night of the incident, she requested that her husband’s semen be preserved, so that she might, one day, have his child," the post said. "The night after Detective Liu passed away, she had a dream, in which he handed her a baby girl."

Angelina will soon meet members of NYPD, which Liu refers to as her "big blue family."