It’s a day to celebrate the photo technique that has become a staple of society: the selfie.

"I want to say I take a selfie maybe once a week, every other day of the week,” said Rebeccah Macias.

"I do like selfies,” said Jenny Roberts.

For some, like Kelly Siburn, it's about documenting the moment.

"Capturing the scenery, or maybe you've got a really nice outfit on, good makeup, got to record that,” said Siburn. "At least once a week."

"For me personally, if I'm going to look good, if I have my face made with makeup, I've got to embrace that. so, I'm going to take a selfie of it,” said Macias.

"Normally when I go some place fun,” said Roberts. "Especially if you're somewhere with a good view, you get it behind you so you can take it yourself and you don't have to get someone else to take your picture for you.”

"I guess whenever I look good, obviously I'm not taking any selfies when I'm right out of bed,” said Jocelyn Sanchez. "Just make sure my hair's done nicely, got some makeup on, and just whenever I'm doing exciting things I guess.”

Roberts takes a selfie, so she knows it's picture perfect.

"I definitely take pictures -- I feel like sometimes better than other people, so I definitely want to take it myself," said Roberts.

"Sometimes when you take a selfie you can see how you look and get a better angle,” said Siburn.

From a selfie stick to lighting, it seems each person has their own technique.

"I make sure that there's no backlighting because then that creates a shadow, and so I have to make sure there's lighting in front of me to highlight all of the good stuff,” said Sanchez.

"I try to do the self-timer because usually sometimes if I'm holding it in a certain way, I’m like oh my gosh, I don't want to fidget it in anyways,” said Macias.

"I don't know, I just take it up high and get a good picture of everyone,” said Roberts.

All steps towards snapping that social media worthy selfie.