South by Southwest will drop language from performance agreements that states it will notify U.S. immigration authorities under certain circumstances.

After artist Told Slant announced he was canceling his SXSW performance over the clause, the festival said the clause has been in agreements since 2013 and that it has never reported anyone to immigration authorities. On Tuesday, SXSW said it will “change the language in our artist invitation letter and performance agreement for 2018 and beyond.”

"I think this is typical of a lot of organizations where the artistic administration has no idea what's in their own agreements," entertainment lawyer Brian Goldstein told KVUE earlier this month. "This was probably drafted by some corporate attorney that has no idea what they were talking about and no one has paid attention until now because everyone is up in arms, understandably, about the current immigration situation."

SXSW went on to say while it is working to comply with immigration law, it reminded people that it:

- Has not, does not and will not disclose an artist’s immigration status, except when required by law,
- Does not have the power to deport anyone,
- Does not “collude with” any immigration authorities to deport anyone,
- Has never reported any artist or participant to any immigration agency.

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