Another SXSW world premiere hit the red carpet at the Paramount in downtown Austin Sunday.

"The Muppets" actors are back on the big screen but in a different kind of way.

"The Muppet Guys Talking: The Secrets Behind The Show The Whole World Watched,” is a rare look into the world of Jim Henson and his team in a documentary style film.

Director and original Muppet master, Frank Oz, invites audiences to explore the puppeteers in a way they have never seen them before, including special footage and interviews with several other cast members.

“Cause they have never seen us just sitting around talking about Jim and what it was like to work with him,” Muppet performer Fran Brill said. “We're sharing anecdotes -- laughing about them, there's no puppet to be seen.”

Brill played several characters for Jim Henson’s cast, including Zoe from Sesame Street.

Producer Victoria Labalme feels the connection between the actors is what helped bring the Muppets to life.

“People can see true affection in them, and they can see the flaws in them -- like we are flawed,” Oz said.

The international children's television show featuring Animal and Miss Piggy spanned over several decades. Henson created "The Muppets" in 1955, they were first featured on "Sesame Street." But it wasn't until the 1970s when they were able to have their own show.

“I think it’s underneath "The Muppets", I think there is meaning— it’s not just funny, it’s also about relationships. There is a philosophy underneath it, we don’t talk about it much but it’s always there,” Muppet actor David Goelz said.

Goelz played the popular Gonzo.

The special screenings take place March 13 at the Alamo Drafthouse on east Lamar Street at 6 p.m. as well as on March 16 at the Paramount at noon.