Mengqui Wang is the founder and CEO of Zero Zero Robotics. He's one of several company founders representing China at this year's South By Southwest Interactive portion.

"You press a button, it's a little loud inside, and when you let go, it hovers," Wang explained about his company's first invention.

He showed KVUE the small, gray, square flying contraption that follows you around and takes your picture.

It's called the Hover Camera.

Once you program the app on a cell phone to recognize you, the camera follows where ever you go.

"Even down the hall," said Wang, "I just have to raise my hand, and a light will start flashing and it's taking a picture for me."

Wang said the Hover Camera is not a drone because it's automated and it weights less than half a pound.

"It's the only flying camera out there that you don't need any kind of control," he said.

With help from the China Gathering SXSW, which has a goal to ease companies into the annual event by providing translation, transportation and other resources - Wang hopes to shake off old stereotypes.

"People are stuck with this image that Chinese companies are copycats, like cut throat, competitive," said Wang.

Lei Chen is another innovator, whose company, OneThing Technology, pays people to use the memory and central processing unit of old devices, like cell phones.

"So we're leveraging the computing power that consumers have. Your old phone, your old hard drive," said Chen.

It's a lucrative business in China where consumers buy new phones every 12 to 14 months - which adds up to more than 500 million smartphones a year.

"If you don't leverage them, they will be dumped in the landfill."