The Austin Humane Society seeks the public's help with funding the surgery for a dog that was admitted into their care with a serious leg injury.

Jilly Bean, a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/ Terrier Mix, was taken to AHS because her family could no longer care for her, AHS said in a press release.

During a checkup, AHS workers said they discovered Jilly Bean had trauma on one of her legs from a past injury. One of her legs became shorter than the other because she reportedly did not receive proper treatment; the injury also impacted both of her knees.

AHS said their veterinary partners suggested Jilly Bean receive surgeries on both knees to repair the damage. However, the surgery will cost the shelter upwards of $7,300, which AHS affirms they do not have.

Cases like Jilly Bean are also rare at the shelter, whereas on average AHS said they have about five major surgery cases a year.

"This surgery would give [Jilly Bean] the best future," said Ericka Miller with the Austin Humane Society.

Her first surgery is set for Monday, Oct. 17.

After the surgery, AHS said they hope to place her in a foster home to recover before placing her for adoption.

If you would like to donate or for more information, go here.