Empancipet's newest, largest low-cost veterinary clinic is now open.

Thursday morning the non-profit organization which provides affordable vet services to all pet owners celebrated their grand opening. The new 3,900 square foot facility has six exam rooms with state-of-the art technology. It has a surgical suite, digital and dental x-ray machines and a blood analysis machine. All of these things will give Emancipet the opportunity to offer even more services than they already do at a very low cost.

The non-profit reports wellness exams average about $5, vaccines cost $15 and specialized surgeries are set at fixed prices with no surprise charges.

The goal is to make sure all pet owners have access to affordable care.

"This is a space where families might walk in feeling like they don't have enough money to take care of their pet and they will walk out with hope," said Emancipet CEO Amy Mills. "They will walk out with the best medical care that they can get anywhere."

There are no income qualifications for Emancipet's services. Last year the organization served nearly 100,000 pet owners.