When Katrina and Rudy Villarreal asked their 8-year-old daughter what she wanted to do on Halloween, they never expected her to say 'a lemonade stand.'

"I was completely blown away," Katrina said.

Her daughter Sofia, can't eat Halloween candy because of her cleft palate.

"Cleft kids have a tendency of getting cavities very easily," Villarreal said. "They can't have a lot of sugar."

Instead, Sofia decided to put together a lemonade stand so that she could give all the proceeds to the same charity that helped her.

"Love Without Boundaries is a US non-profit," Villareal said. "Without their surgery, she may not have survived actually. Instead, shes not only survived, but she's thrived and become this beautiful young woman giving back to others now."

Sofia was born in China and was adopted by Rudy and Katrina when she was two years old. So far, she's had five surgeries up and has her final procedure coming up in December.

She told KVUE's Jason Puckett that the decision to have a charitable fundraiser instead of getting candy came from a desire to "make a better world."

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