A lot goes into making sure the animals at the Austin Humane Society are properly cared for, and that's why volunteers are extremely important.

Bill Shier is one of the many volunteers that spends time with the animals at the shelter. For him, it's like therapy, but when he looks at the bigger picture, the amount of help the animals need is much more important.

“Having a pet is almost like therapy,” Shier said.

Volunteers help out by cleaning the crates, taking the dogs out for a walk and feeding the animals.

Since Hurricane Harvey, the shelter has seen a significant increase in the number of dogs they've received, with the heavy workload falling on the shoulders of those who work there.

Petunia was one of the hundreds of animals rescued after Harvey, and she’s received all the medical attention she’s desperately needed at the Austin Humane Society.

“Petunia seemed like she was a regular healthy dog and when our vets went in to spay her, and found out that she has cancer, and we've made a commitment to treat her for that,” said Shelter Manager Sarah Hammel.

Although they can be short staffed, Shier says treating these animals like family is their main goal. The volunteers and staff members at the Austin Humane Society truly embody what it means to be a Daybreak All-Star.