KVUE reporters Jay Wallis and Tony Plohetski both stay active in their own ways through sports, running and other activities. However, these two decided to get out of their comfort zone and give the flying trapeze a whirl.

Circus of Hope is a nonprofit organization that works with kids all around Texas to provide them a safe and creative learning environment. The group specifically focuses on special needs and at-risk children, through tradition and adaptive circus arts programming.

Kenny Pierce is one of three members of the board of directors who created the Circus of Hope in Austin.

"Circus of Hope was started as a way to reach youth and impact them," Pierce. said. "Flying trapeze has a very unique ability to boost the confidence and self-esteem in children, as well as provide them a means of experience that feels like you are a part of a positive family. It makes you feel invincible."

So Tony and Jay decided to give this a try, taking a lesson with a few other kids. This type of workout requires a lot of core strength and control of your limbs. These two KVUE reporters found success in certain parts and struggled with others -- but both enjoyed the experience.


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Pierce also mentioned that by providing this type of intimidating yet safe class for kids going through tough times in their lives, they can get away from what's going on elsewhere.

"As many of us know, coming into a tough situation as a child, your confidence and self-esteem can take some hits," Pierce said. "All that is stripped away, so it's remarkable to see these kids come here and break past some of those barriers to experience new confidence in themselves.

These flying trapeze classes are also offered to adults. Pierce said he has even seen some 70-year-olds give it a try.

To learn more about this nonprofit as well as how you or your kids could take classes, click here.

The following members of Circus of Hope helped teach our KVUE team how to work a trapeze: Kenny Pierce, Jeanne Wilson, Deborah Espinosa, Nico Tovar Salazar, Jules Madrigal. The organization was created by Kenny Pierce, Henri Mollé and James Gibson.