At 225 pounds, 2-month-old "Barbara,” an Egyptian Arabian foal from Dripping Springs, already has a big personality.

But this unique breed also has a unique problem: a birth defect keeping her from living life to the fullest

Her breeder and owner, Martha Talley has had a love for horses since she was a child.

“Cause they are a piece of our history. They have been around for 5,000 years,” she said.

That’s why she is doing everything she can to keep Barbara healthy. She was born with a rare condition called wry nose. The little foal has trouble doing basic tasks like eating and even breathing becomes an issue.

“They think it was a bad position inside the womb. You can see her upper jaw is kind of displaced,” Barbara’s trainer Allen Pogue said. "If she's hungry she'll come up to you, snickering and wagging her little tongue."

Last month, she aspirated milk which led to pneumonia, Pogue says she needs constant attention.

"And most owners just opt to put the little baby horse down immediately because they aren't willing to walk the walk,” Pogue said.

But Talley is up for the challenge, she is already in contact with a doctor from Tennessee to perform the reconstructive surgery. However, with the bill soaring over $20,000 dollars, she's turned to the community for help.

Wimberly shop owner, Sarah Barlow was the first to step up, giving 100 percent of the proceeds she makes off of angel necklaces to Barbara's fund.

"They're $56 and if they're not buying a necklace they're coming in just straight away to help donate,” she said.

They've raised $1,400 in the last week, but are far from their goal.
For Talley, every penny is worth it if it means Barbara is safe.

"They're one of the smartest most giving little horses there are and the most beautiful,” Talley said.

Talley has also created a GoFundMe account which has raised over $3,300.

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