Each year in the United States, about 220,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women and about 2,000 in men.

A special luncheon Tuesday in downtown Austin will celebrate the lives of breast cancer survivors, and the memory of those who fought against the disease.

It's also a way to raise money so that the Seton Breast Care Center can continue to help in the fight.

You've may have heard the saying, "Every picture tells a story."

Pam Crowther's story is one is one of surprise, fear, hope and recovery.

It's a tale Pam and countless other women and men have inscribed on their hearts.

"I was first diagnosed two years ago," Crowther said. "It was confirmed that it was breast cancer stage three. I went through 20 weeks of chemo, six and a half weeks of radiation, a number of different surgeries. I'm still going through surgery and the breast care center has been wonderful walking along beside me during my cancer journey."

Co-founders Marcia Levy and Susan Lubin opened The Seton Breast Care Center in 2014. They expected to serve only 90 patients within the first 90 days.

"In those first 90 days," Levy said, "we saw 600 patients."

They were not only determined to provide state of the art care, they also wanted a special place where patients could relax.

'I wanted to create a center where women and men - because men get breast cancer too - would come into a spa-like atmosphere," Lubin said. "Which would hopefully calm them as much as possible."

With tranquil waiting rooms and caring staff, thousands have gotten a diagnosis and treatment, with 32 percent of those services provided to financially vulnerable patients without insurance.

"We have a goal in the center that we will always be state of the art," Lubin said.

And Tuesday's Celebration of Life luncheon is a fundraiser to add more technology, including a significant upgrade to the center's stereotactic biopsy system.

"It enables them to get to the tumor or the lump and without invading other areas of the breast tissue," Levy said. "We'll be only one of two facilities in the entire state of Texas to have this technology."

The Center is also hoping to raise enough funds to upgrade to a Tomosynthesis 3-D mammogram machine, where multiple views of the breast are taken and reconstructed into a 3-D image.

To add on the new technology, the Center needs to raise at least $400,000.

Crowther says she's willing to tell the world her story as many times as necessary to meet that goal and eventually, save someone else's life.

"I'm not only representing me as a survivor, I'm representing so many people who are fighters are survivors, and people who are no longer here," she said.

Crowther is the emcee for tomorrow's Celebration of Life luncheon.

Money raised from the event benefits the Seton Breast Care Center and the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation to support breast cancer awareness and education nationally.

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