A 12-year-old boy who was born with autism was forced to have one of his legs amputated two years ago because of cancer. Now battling the disease for a second time, this young man received a wish he and his family will never forget.

Tejas Briseno arrives home from school every day around 2 p.m. His Round Rock ISD school bus turned the corner onto Moorberry Street, where his parents wait for him. His mom, Rebecca Clinton, said he has the same routine every time he comes in the house.

"He'll come right on in through the door and he will take off his one shoe before getting his drink and going to the computer," Clinton said. "He has his routines."

Tejas' dad, Vince Briseno, said he loves the energy he comes home with every day.

"He will get off that bus and run right into the house," Briseno said. "He gets his snack while we get medicine for him. He is such an energetic kid.

Tejas was diagnosed with Cancer on Dec. 17, 2015. With the doctor finding the tumor in his leg and unable to salvage the limb, Tejas' left leg was removed.

"It went from 0 to 120 in about two days," Clinton said. "I was terrified. You feel like you're not ever going to smile again, but you have to be positive and push on. Tejas does it every day."

About a week after his diagnosis, Tejas also had a feeding tube placed in his stomach to help him eat, causing him to lose about 12 pounds due to his sickness.

"He was so sick at the beginning," Clinton said. "We were really terrified how we were going to teach him that they were going to take his leg.

Even with Tejas' positive nature, the constant trips to the hospital did take a toll on the 12-year old.

"He must have had over 50 doctors appointments at one time," Clinton said. "He had in-patient hospital stays which was tough for him to adjust to. He has been amazing through it all."

And Tejas eventually warmed up to the nurses and doctors he interacted with every day.

"He's such a pro now," Clinton said. "Everyone lives to have him around, and he's so silly."

During one of his checkups on March 10, doctors found out Tejas' cancer had returned -- this time in his lungs.

"It's bad," Clinton said. "For now, he's happy and he's strong. He doesn't have to have two legs to be a whole child. We just take one day at a time."

Through all of this, the Make-A-Wish Foundation Central & South Texas heard about Tejas' story and decided to grant him a wish -- a room transformation. Tejas' parents said that he has always loved superheroes (Superman, specifically) since as far back as he can remember. They also said whenever he is around anything space-related, that can calm him down. and that is why Make A Wish expanded his room and made it superhero and space themed.

"He loves it," Clinton said. "He went right in and started looking all around at everything in his room. We're just so thankful to everyone for this."

"He's got an awesome room," Briseno said. "He's got the best room on the block."

Clinton said this type of gift is a practical one that Tejas will be able to enjoy.

"It's what we can't give him," Clinton said. "We don't have the money, and this is just something that we know that he will use. It's safe, clean and perfect for him."

Tejas will go into the doctor Monday for a chest CT scan to see how fast the cancer is growing. His parents said they should receive results by Wednesday.