While Kerbey Lane Cafe may be known for its gourmet pancakes, on Dec. 30, it's all about the bacon.

That's because Saturday is the unofficial holiday, "National Bacon Day."

"I love everything about bacon," said Diane Pavlat, who was dining at the restaurant Saturday morning.

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A lot of Kerbey Lane patrons feel the same way.

"(In one) year we sell about 28,000 pounds," said Kerbey Lane Chef Miguel Torres.

Torres said the restaurant goes through nearly 20 cases of pork belly per week. It's used on everything from breakfast tacos and omelettes to sandwiches and meatloaf.

"Everybody loves pork. I personally love bacon, for sure," Torres said.

Well, almost everybody loves bacon.

"Well, it's pork. I don't eat pork. It's got parasites," said Joy Rockwell who was meeting her family for breakfast. "I'm a vegetarian."

But it turns out one woman's dislike is her granddaughter's delight.

"I just like it," said 6-year-old Cheyenne Rockwell. "It's good. It tastes good."

While there are several ways to cook it, Chef Torres recommends cooking bacon on a flat grill for a crisp, fresh taste.