For many, Bob Dylan set the bar, becoming an influence for major artists. That’s why it was no surprise when it was announced Thursday that the 75-year-old was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“I mean it's definitely poetry,” Waterloo Records owner, John Kunz said.

He has been a fan of the Nobel Prize winner since the 1970s.

Kunz says he admires Dylan’s love to experiment with sound, merging folk and rock, including country.

"I think when you start taking things like that and going across genres, that's when the really good stuff happens,” Kunz said.

He's the first American to win the literature prize in more than two decades.

Denny Freeman is one of Dylan's biggest ties to Austin, the long-time guitarist played beside him from 2005 to 2009.

Freeman says Bob Dylan is the perfect example of what American music is all about, something that is constantly evolving.

“Not just musicians but all kinds of people, and what was it? It was his lyrics,” Freeman said. "I mean he is very intelligent obviously, and he's very educated, and that makes you curious.”

Fans say it's a huge achievement and are proud an artist made the cross-over. President Obama also gave the 75-year-old legend a shout out via Twitter.

Dylan has another former guitarist, Charlie Sexton who worked with the artist back in the early 2000s, who lives in the Austin area.