Country music star and Texan Kacey Musgraves was nominated for the female vocalist of the year on this year’s 50th annual County Music Association Awards.

KVUE sat down with Kacey here in her home state of Texas to talk about her country roots, cowboy boots and a Christmas album.

"Mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy," sings Kacey Musgraves at her concert kicking off the State Fair of Texas.

She’s known for her clever lyrics and spunky spirit.

The fans were just as excited to see her as she was to be there.

"I was totally honored, this is, you know, the state fair is somewhere I've been coming since I was a small child, and I've gotten the chance to perform here a couple times, but I've never headlined," said Musgraves.

On her tour bus, Musgraves showed us memories she's collected along the way.

"This was from our video shoot in Austin, at the White Horse with Willie," said Musgraves.

It's been a big year for Musgraves, following her arrow all the way to a CMA nomination for Female Vocalist of the year.

"Anytime you get recognized for your hard work it is, you know a little bit of validation,” said Musgraves. "It's an honor anytime you get nominated for anything, and I truly believe it's just an honor to get nominated."

She told KVUE she was excited to get to be at the CMAs for the 50th anniversary.

"It's going to be a lot going on, a lot more icons and legends in the mix than usual, and I always love that, because I love you know the roots of country music and the genre, so I'll be really happy to be there," said Musgraves.

This year she played ACL, launched a boot line with Lucchesse, and released a Christmas album just last week called "A Very Kacey Christmas."

"I just thought that this would be a really fun way for me to put my own spin on Christmas music, you know this music that we've heard our entire lives," said Musgraves. "I am traveling all the time, you know so getting to slow down, and just eat my grandma's cooking, hang out with my family, is a good way to cap off the year."

But true to character, the quirky Musgraves loves Christmas but loves another holiday a little more.

"I love Christmas, it's fun, I think my favorite holiday is Halloween, I will be honest, I wish it lasted for a week," said Musgraves.

On the new album she wanted to include fellow talented Texans like Willie Nelson and Leon Bridges.

"Texas pride is a thing, it's real," said Musgraves.

"Oh my gosh, being from Texas has absolutely 100 percent influenced my musical choices, you know what I grew up listening to," said Musgraves.

Musgraves grew up outside of Tyler, but lived in Austin after high school, while launching her music career.

"I love the city, it's always a great time, every time we go, just really fun vibes great food," said Musgraves.

"It's definitely changed a lot since I lived there," said Musgraves.

She talked to us about her other travels around the world.

"We've gotten the chance to go overseas a lot and do a lot of European and UK shows and they love country music over there, and it's really surprising, you know they almost match Texas, you know, in their excitement for country music,” said Musgraves.

But this fall, she's taking time to relax. She bought a house and a horse.

"I was the dorky little girl who, like, wrote poems and drew pictures of horses all the time and like begged my parents, can we please get a horse, please,” said Musgraves.

She said the quarter horse, named Mismo, is more than just a horse, it's also a bit of therapy.

"Just a good way to get off my phone, and just connect with this giant animal you know and learn a lot about it and you kind of learn a lot about yourself too and how you handle situations," said Musgraves.

For now, it's clear Kacey can handle any situation that comes her way, including the growing spotlight.

Kacey will go on tour for her Christmas Album this holiday season, the only show in Texas is at Billy Bob's Fort Worth in December.

"The shows are going to be very magical and whimsical and you know snow flurries,” said Musgraves. "One of the shows I'm very excited about on the Christmas tour is playing Billy Bob's we're going to headline there, you know that's the place I've always grown up going to, and you know it's just so fun and so Texan, and you know I thought it would be kind of a cool way to end the Christmas tour.”