Houston Officer: I was blessed I could walk away


by by Alex Sanz / 11 News


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:38 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 20 at 10:57 AM

HOUSTON -- Law enforcement veteran Mark Timmers knows there are inherent risks that come with carrying a badge. There is the threat of danger. Then, there are the moments that bring you close to death.

Officer: I was blessed I could walk away
November 30, 2008

"In law enforcement we always expect the unexpected. But when it happens it's a shock," said Mark Timmers, Precinct 6 Deputy Constable.

Timmers was off-duty early Friday, working security at a Downtown nightclub, when club-goers started fighting.

They were kicked out of the club, but the fights continued, and someone pulled out a gun.

"I heard someone yelling that they've been shot, and I started moving towards them. When I moved up beside the car, the guy stood up. He was pointing a gun at me from across the hood, and shot me right in the shoulder," said Timmers

Timmers said the gunman was only two or three feet away from him.

"It was so close. The shot basically turned me sideways and put me right to the ground," said Timmers.

That night for Timmers was just another brush with peril. He has spent much of his career working with the Houston Humane Society by breaking up dogfighting and cockfighting rings.

A recent magazine profile told of close-calls with knives, shovels and worse. It also spoke of his heroism.

Club-goers witnessed that first-hand as he ran to their aid and came face-to-face with death.

"I walk away thinking I'm lucky. I'm blessed that I can walk away from this," said Timmers. "Anybody that can shoot a civilian, but then turn around, see a police officer and shoot him is an individual that we need to take off the streets and put away for a long time."

As of Saturday night, the search for the person who shot Mark Timmers and the civilian continued.

The cilivian was still in hospital.