Parents furious over content of elementary school yearbook



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:38 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 19 at 6:42 PM


Jonathan Betz reports.

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KELLER - What could be controversial about a yearbook for elementary school children?

The contents of one page have parents and the school district outraged.

Crystal Behl now keeps her son far away from his school yearbook.

"I put it up, he's not allowed to see it," she said.

That's because inside the year-in-review section there is a small photo and caption about Connecticut approving same-sex marriages.

The actual caption and photo are innocent on their own, she said, like what you'd find in any newspaper.

The difference is the subject and it being delivered to such young children.

The books went to students, ranging from pre-kindergarten to fourth graders, at Keller's Parkview Elementary.

"I have a six and seven-year-old that know how to read, and they're going to come to me when they don't even know what sex is, and they want to know what same-sex marriage is," said Saundra Taylor, a grandparent.

The Keller school district agreed, calling the article inappropriate.

The school's PTA chose the publishing company and approved the books, but admits the news section was never screened, mainly, administrators say, because it's printed at the last minute and inserted later.

The publisher, Inter-State Studios, guaranteed it would be elementary-aged appropriate.

"I don't see how, what benefit it would have for an elementary school yearbook," said Behl.

News 8 was not able to get a response from Inter-State but the district is now encouraging angry parents to remove the page.

"I shouldn't have to screen the yearbook, like I would a computer. It's an elementary school yearbook," said Behl.

The book brings up a mature subject, not yet ready for her kids to face.